CHOREOGRAPHY: Virpi Pahkinen
DANCERS: Pontus Sundset Granat, Sakari Romero Tuurala,
Philip Sundset Granat, Corrado Di Lorenzo, Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson,
Virpi Pahkinen
COMPOSITION: Jonas Sjöblom
SOPRANO Tua Dominique
ADDITIONAL MUSIC: Ave Maria, O eterna Deus av Hildegard Von Bingen (1098- 1179) samt Meretseger av Roger Ludvigsen
COSTUME DESIGN: Zita Merényi Provo-CUT ™
LIGHT DESIGN: Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)

World premiere 24th Nov 2017, Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Length: 58 min

Deep Time moves in music’s archaeology, as well as its vibrant contemporary. From the bronchial melancholic primal sounds and Hildegard of Bingen's sacred songs, to shimmering marimba techno. Composer Jonas Sjöblom plays with the call of sonar echolocating bats. The dancers appear as zoomorphic figures from the layers of time; mermaid turns into riding lizards – paper angels to bionic birds. Virpi Pahkinen's choreography offers underwater humour and a sensational calm.

"The choreography switches between solo, mirroring duets and groups where the dancers’ individuality merges rather than fades. Corrado Di Lorenzo becomes an elegant bird-creature with long lines; Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson has a striking softness, and veteran Pontus Sundset Granat a smooth strength out to the fingertips. [...] But the evening’s big surprise is Philip Sundset Granat who, in his orange garment, gives Pahkinen’s movement vocabulary an explosive ease and energy. [...] Otherwise, Deep Time is at times a meditative experience, beautifully arrayed in fashion designer Zita Merényi's pleated and perforated costumes which elegantly emphasize the fragile and brittle in the piece. Silhouettes of meandering arms dance like shadow puppets over the backdrop. A clear and enigmatic picture of life's metamorphosis."
      Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

"Virpi Pahkinen’s Deep Time is as surprising as it is funny, and reminds us of our own existence’s short time perspective. [Pontus Sundset Granat and Virpi Pahkinen's] duet is a bit of the evening’s clou, together with the stage where a dancing Shiva dissolves into four (!) figures derived from Indonesian shadow theatre. Fantastic. [...] Many probably remember the 11-year-old child Sakari Romero Tuurala (below) from Volti Subito who now, two years later, is not nor is assigned to the role of the show’s child or “the future.” His comparatively delicate figure is certainly eye-catching, but his expression is mature, strong and nicely woven into the performance."
      Dagens Nyheter, Sweden