Virpi Pahkinen | CALENDAR 2022
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Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company makes a journey in the hydrosphere through transformations of water to the Sámi composer Roger Ludvigsen´s music.

Movements can seem snow-quiet and winding, or roaring and flowing, until they reach a clarity of a snow crystal. Produced by Scenkonst Sörmland and Giron Sámi Téahter.


This is a choreography with old soul wisdom, still it is entertaining and edgy, a fresh dialogue with the unknown, hopefull and bathing in the paradoxical luminescence, that of a black rainbow.


”Yes we are in Virpi land: musical, mystical and saturated with a beauty that tends to the sacral. ” 


Virpi will meet koto musician Chieko Mori in a live performance at theater X, Tokyo, for the festival The Princess who loved insects.


“Yesterday I saw Virpi Pahkinen perform the human battle with magical movements. Her little finger says as much as a whole novel.”

Theodor Kallifatides, author

Sacred songs and shimmering marimba techno, 6 dancers as zoomorphic figures from the layers of time.

“A clear and enigmatic picture of life’s metamorphosis.”


A versatile and surprising work in which a large group forms visual puzzles. Thrilling solos rise from the breath waves of the corps de ballet.

”With razor sharp precision the bodies seem to bring about supernatural formations.”

Swedish Radio

This is my FLIP SIDE documentary follows Virpi Pahkinen during the rehearsals of Monolit Polygon.


12/4   PRAYERS

with live music by Jonas Sjöblom
Tullinge kyrka

more info here

14/4   SOLO

with live organ music by Ulf Norberg
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka

more info here

18/4   SOLOS

Easter Festival Gotland
Säves Aula, Visby

more info here

23/4   PRAYERS

with live music by Jonas Sjöblom, Kulturnatten
Kungsholms kyrka

more info here


Savoy theatre

more info here

3-5/7   SOLOS

with live koto music by Chieko Mori
15th int. Festival
Theater X, Tokyo

more info here

19-20/9   DEEP TIME

Interdisciplinary feminist festival of the City of Brussels
Tour à plomb


New documentary on webb

View here


– theatres & festivals –

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Falkhallen / Falkenberg, Gävle Teater, Hjalmar Bergman Teatern / Örebro
Jönköpings Teater, Vara Konserthus Sparbanken Black Box, Dansstationen / Malmö
Artipelag, Värmdö, SWEDEN
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Astoria, DGAF -gala, Helsinki, FINLAND
European Festival of the Night, Korpilombolo, SWEDEN
Universum Theater, Helsinki, FINLAND
Huddinge Church, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dansens Hus, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Elle-gala, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Södertälje Stadsscen, SWEDEN
Theater Bonn Opera House, GERMANY
Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
14.Internationale Tanztage, Oldenburg. GERMANY
Bergman week, Fårö, SWEDEN
Laukko Manor, FINLAND
Sibu Int. Dance Festival, MALAYSIA
Galerie Forsblom, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Amber Hall, Liepāja, LATVIA
Dieselverkstaden, Nacka SWEDEN
European Festival of the Night, Korpilombolo, SWEDEN
Jaipur Int. Film festival, INDIA
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Finlandsinstitutet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dansnät Sverige tour: Regionteatern Väst/Borås,
Regionteater Väst/Uddevalla, Västerås Konserthus,
Halmstad teater, Kungsbacka teater, Jönköpingsteater
Sagateatern Linköping, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Aki Studio, Toronto, CANADA
Konserthuset, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dancestages festival, Shanghai, CHINA
Klarascenen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Cinars, Montréal, CANADA
Stora Teatern, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Eufonie festival, Warsaw, POLAND
Borås Stadsteater, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Bio Rio, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, FINLAND
Teatr Lésny, Gdansk, POLAND
Sommarscen, Pildamsparken, Malmö, SWEDEN
ITI, 5th Int. Dance Symposium, Segovia, SPAIN
Mälarpaviljongen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Haninge Kulturhus, SWEDEN
Folkets Bio Zita, Stockholm, SWEDEN
25ª Quinzena de Dança de Almada, PORTUGAL
Millesgården, SWEDEN
Dansens Hus, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Scandinavia House, New York, USA
Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, FINLAND
Alandica, Mariehamn, Åland, FINLAND
Roxy, Visby, SWEDEN
Vallentuna Teater, SWEDEN
Palladium, Malmö, SWEDEN
Braga Int. Video Dance Festival, PORTUGAL
Stoff festival, Kägelbanan, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Vox Pacis, St, Jacob Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Art Museum Gösta, Mänttä, FINLAND
Swedish Television, SWEDEN
Sans Souci, Colorado, USA
Riksteatern tour: Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, Gävle Teater, Storsjöteater Östersund,
Folkets Hus Haparanda, Västmanlands Teater Västerås, Stora Teatern Göteborg, Ystad teater, Södra Teatern Stockholm, Hjalmar Bergmanteatern Örebro, SWEDEN
Bestias Danzantes, Santiago, CHILE
Swedish Television, SWEDEN
Katarina Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Kulturhuset, Sandviken, SWEDEN
Dieselverkstaden, Nacka, SWEDEN
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
ISPA, Malmö Live, SWEDEN
The Vasa Museum, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Mälarpaviljongen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Parkteatern, Vitabergsparken, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Movies by Movers, Boone, North Carolina, USA
Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, FINLAND
Dansmuseet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Uppsala Konsert Kongress, SWEDEN
Stockholm Int. Poetry Festival, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Galleri Forum, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Palladium, Malmö, SWEDEN
3:e våningen (3rd Floor), Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Sofia church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora church, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Kroki Contemporary Dance Festival, Krakow, POLAND
Liljevalchs arthall, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Länsteatern på Gotland, Visby, SWEDEN
Nordiskt Forum, Malmö Arena, SWEDEN
Kuopio Dance Festival, FINLAND
Mälarpaviljongen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Kyrkomusiksymposium, Uppsala Domkyrka, SWEDEN
La Mercè Festival, Barcelona, SPAIN
Youth Theatre, Europe meets Asia, Hanoi, VIETNAM
Dansnät Sverige tour:Regionteater Blekinge Kronoberg, Växjö, 
Gävle Teater, Stora Teatern, Gothenburg, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, Spinneriet, Wermland Operan, Karlstad, SWEDEN
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Stockholm Concert Hall, SWEDEN
Växjö Concert Hall, SWEDEN
Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm, SWEDEN
Swedish Television, SWEDEN
Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm, SWEDEN
MDT, Stockholm, SWEDEN
The Kennedy Center, Nordic Cool 2013, Washington, USA
Uppsala Stadsteater, Uppsala, SWEDEN
Loikka Dance Film Festival, Helsinki, FINLAND
West African Festival, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Theatre Monnot, Beirut, LEBANON
Dansens Hus, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Organ Festival, Sofia kyrka, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Galleri BON, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Arts Festival of North Norway, Harstad, NORWAY
TEDxAlmedalen, Visby, SWEDEN
Mälarpaviljongen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Stockholms Kulturfestival, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Parkteatern, Vitabergsparken, Stockholm, SWEDEN
SIPA Solo International Performing Arts, Solo City, Java, INDONESIA
CODA – Oslo International Dance Festival, NORWAY
Göteborg Book Fair, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
InShadow Festival, São Luiz Theater, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Dans <3 Stockholm, SITE, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Tagore Folk Festival, Kolkata, INDIA
Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Festival del 5 de Mayo en Puebla, MEXICO
Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence, ITALY
Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Ceremony, Stockholm, SWEDEN
TanZeit-Zeitanz, Chur, SWITZERLAND
Savoy Theatre, Helsinki Festival, FINLAND
Time of Dance Festival, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, FINLAND
Stockholm International Poetry Festival, SWEDEN
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, Stockholm, SWEDEN
IV Jöhvi Ballet Festival, Jöhvi, ESTONIA
Dansmuseet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, FINLAND
Vox Pacis, Romateatern, SWEDEN
Kulturfestivalen, Dansens Hus, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Jogja Int. Performing Arts Festival, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
Central Java Arts Center, Solo, INDONESIA
Festival Cervantino, Guanajuato, MEXICO
Teatro Victoria, Durango, MEXICO
Teatro Aguascalientes, MEXICO
Teatro Angela Peralta, Mazatlán, MEXICO
Teatro Pablo de Villavicencio, Culiacán, MEXICO
Vox Pacis, Théâtre L´Engouement, Sobo-Badé, SENEGAL
Dansnät Sverige tour:
Växjö Teatern, Jönköpings Teater, Norrlandsoperan/Umeå,
Pusterviksteatern/Gothenburg, Kungsbacka Teatern, Gävle Teater,
Härnosands Teater, Sagateatern/Linköping, Vara Konserthus,
Uddevallascenen, Boråsscenen, SWEDEN
Tampere Biennale, FINLAND
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka, Stockholm, SWEDEN
EXPO, Shanghai, CHINA
Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar, INDONESIA
Vitabergsparken, Parkteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Vox Pacis, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dansens Hus, Stockholm, SWEDEN
The Yan Club Arts Center, Beijing, CHINA
Uppsala International Short Film Festival, SWEDEN
Yoga & Dansfestival, Balettakademien, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Galleri Forum, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Klubb Sekt, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Nybrokajen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Masrah al-Madina, Beirut, LEBANON
Svetlanov Hall, Organ Plus, Moscow, RUSSIA
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Kaay Fecc, Dakar, SENEGAL
Storstrømmens Kammerensemble, Fuglsang, DENMARK
Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna, FINLAND
The Young Dance Company; Staerekassen/Copenhagen, 
Archauz/Århus, Magasinet/Odense, DENMARK
Byteatern/Kalmar, Stadsteatern/Lund, Inkonst/Malmö
Riddarfjärdsteatern/Stockholm, Stadsteatern/Helsingborg, SWEDEN
World Music Days, Växjö, SWEDEN
Dance Without Shadows, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dansmuseet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Historiska Museet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Musica Vitae, Växjö, Halmstad, Malmö, Linköping, SWEDEN
Razvan Mazilu Gala, Bucharest Opera House, ROMANIA
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Festival International de Danza José Limón, Mazatlán, Culiacán, MEXICO
Un desierto para la danza, Hermosillo, MEXICO
Entre fronteras, Mexicali, MEXICO
European Dance Festival, Lemasos, CYPRUS
Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Lefkosia, CYPRUS
Fabbrica Europa, Florence, ITALY
Dancing for the Camera, ADF, Durham, USA
Villa San Michele, Anacapri, ITALY
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Danza San Gimigniano, ITALY
Certosa International Arts Festival, Capri, ITALY
Historiska Museet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Aura Dance Festival, Kaunas, LITHUANIA
Dance Without Shadows, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Jyväskylä Sinfonia, FINLAND
Dansnät Sverige, Halmstad, Uddevalla, Jönköping, Umeå, SWEDEN
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Festival Madrid en Danza, SPAIN
Dansmuseet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Gomhouria Theatre, Cairo, EGYPT
Alexandria Opera House, EGYPT
Alas de la Danza, Quito, Manta, Guayaquil, ECUADOR
International Summer Festival, Bibliotheca Alexandria, EGYPT
Parkteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Basel Tanzt, Kaserne, SWITZERLAND
Tanssin Aika, Jyväskylä, FINLAND
Haninge Kulturhus, SWEDEN
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Takkelloftet, Opera, Copenhagen, DENMARK
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Free Dance Festival, Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINA
Parkteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Arctic Organ Festival, Aavasaksa, FINLAND
Poesifestivalen i Nässjö, SWEDEN
Gala of International Ballet Stars, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Lila Lopez International Dance Festival, San Luis Potosi, MEXICO
Lepeshinskaya celebration, Bolshoi, Moscow, RUSSIA
Basel Dance Gala, SWITZERLAND
Shanghai International Dance Festival, CHINA
Chaoyang Theatre, Beijing, CHINA
Skissernas Museum, Lund, SWEDEN
Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Mørker Nu Festival, Bodø, NORWAY
Stockholms Poesifestival, SWEDEN
The Nobel Prize Ceremony, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Rotebuehl Platz, Stuttgart, GERMANY
Festspillene, Harstad, NORWAY
Bolzano Danza, Bolzano, ITALY
Jacob´s Pillow, USA
Teatro de la Danza, Mexico City, MEXICO
Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, MEXICO
Teatro Ocampo, Morelia, MEXICO
Skånes Dansteater, Båghallarna, Malmö, SWEDEN
Jyväskylä Sinfonia, Jyväskylä. FINLAND
Dance Museum, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Cross Roads festival, Theater Maly, Warsaw, POLAND
Almi Hall, Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, FINLAND
Palladium, Malmö, SWEDEN
Oulu Music Festival, FINLAND
Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, POLAND
Ocho y Medio, Quito, ECUADOR
Maac Cine, Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Hanoi Opera, VNOB, VIETNAM
The Modern Dance Theater, Beijing, CHINA
The Drama Theater, Ulaan Baatar, MONGOLIA
Parkteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dance Museum, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Dance Salad, Houston, USA
Polski Teatr Tanca, Poznan, POLAND
Kuopio Dance Festival, FINLAND
Lugar à Danca, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Dies de Dansa, Barcelona, SPAIN
The Culture House, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Cervantino Festival, MEXICO
Danse à Aix, FRANCE
Théâtre Monnot, Beirut, LEBANON
Asia-Europe Dance Forum, SINGAPORE
Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart, GERMANY
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Polski Teatr Tanca, Poznan, POLAND
New Baltic Dance ´02, Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Biennale Balticum, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, FINLAND
Dies de Dansa, Barçelona, SPAIN
Almada Dance Festival, Almada, PORTUGAL
Regio Dance Festival, Freiburg, GERMANY
Aires de Suecia, Bellas Artes, Madrid, SPAIN
Espoo Cultural Centre, Espoo, FINLAND
Beaivvás Sámi Teáhter, Kautokeino, NORWAY
Fondation Beyeler, Basel, SWITZERLAND
Treffpunkt Rotebühl-Platz, Stuttgart, GERMANY
Kulturhaus Abraxas, Augsburg, GERMANY
Israel festival, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Teatro Helena Costa, Porto, PORTUGAL
Berlin Jazz Festival, Berlin, GERMANY
Ytterjärna Kulturhus, Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Bohusläns Teater, Uddevalla, SWEDEN
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Kiasma Museum, Dance Arena Festival, Helsinki, FINLAND
The House of Dance, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Festival les Boréales de Normandie, Caen, FRANCE
Rooseum, Malmö, SWEDEN
Theatre X, Tokyo, JAPAN
Lugar à Dança, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Exodos, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Dance 2000, Münich, GERMANY
Turun Kaupunginteatteri, Åbo, FINLAND
New Europe Festival, The Danspace Project at St Marks Church, New York, USA
The Culture House, Stockholm, SWEDEN
INBA, Teatro de la Danza, Mexico City, MEXICO
Tanz im August, Berlin, GERMANY
Sommerscene, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Szene Salzburg, Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Time of Music, Viitasaari, FINLAND
Festival de la Nouvelle Danse d’Uzés, Uzés, FRANCE
Northgate Art Center, Ipswich, ENGLAND
Masrah al-Madina, Beirut, LEBANON
The Modern Dance Theatre, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Pusterviksteatern, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Shuttle 99, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Ytterjärna Kulturhus, Ytterjärna, SWEDEN
Festival International du Film sur l’Art, Montréal, CANADA
Romaeuropa Festival, Rome, ITALY
Internationale Tanzwochen, Münster, GERMANY
Centre National des Arts, Ottawa, CANADA
Dansstationen, Malmö, SWEDEN
New Moves, Glasgow, ENGLAND
Adelaide Festival, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
The National Opera, Helsinki, FINLAND
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City/San Luis Potosí/Gomez Palacio/Pachuca, MEXICO
Centre Culturel les Chiroux, Liège, BELGIUM
The Nordic Festival in Balticum, Tallin/Riga/Vilnius, ESTONIA/LATVIA/LITHUANIA/
Helsinki Festival, Helsinki, FINLAND
Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, SWEDEN
The Place Theatre, London, ENGLAND
Dansedage, Århus, DENMARK
Theatre and Dance Festival, Bergen, NORWAY
Black Box Theatre, Oslo, NORWAY
The Felix Merities Conzertzaal, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
ArtGenda Festival, Copenhagen, DENMARK
European Solos, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio, FINLAND
Dancin’ City, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Movin’ in November, Helsinki, FINLAND
PHOTOGRAPHER: Carl Thorborg, Jose Figueroa & Stefan Bladh