DANCERS Fredrik Quiñones, Virpi Pahkinen
MUSIC Luis Hernan Cortés Maya, Fabio Keiner, Christiane Offenbar, Akemi Ishijima
COSTUMES Diana Orving
PRODUCER Emelie Bergbohm
Length: 35 min.

A production by Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company in coproduction with Liljevalchs konsthall

With support from the Swedish Arts Council and City of Stockholm

World Premiere 26th April 2014
Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden

"They are a stylised duo characterised by reflections, seeking contact and dependence. An extra-terrestrial – like the soundscape – exploration where the dancers give and take energy from each other before calm hand movements rain out in the silence. Like Deleuze’s philosophy, “Fold” extends beyond Western dualism, simultaneously becoming a delicate extension of Lindfeldt’s sculptures, which, in coming into being spatially, transcends the boundaries between subject and object."
Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

"The rooms give the dance space – like Moderna Museet, Liljevalchs has successfully tried cross-fertilisation before. Pahkinen’s solo is a kind of birth to the sound of rain. Her body is like an egg-shaped stone, from which hand and foot tentacles emerge before the figure stands in human form. Wave-shaped arms convey soft rhythms. Everything breathes."
Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

"Fold is in three parts, encompassing two solos and a duet. Pahkinen’s graphic clarity and strange mysticism slices straight into Lindfeldt’s subtlety. The heat and the intensity are greater than usual, and a higher tempo is made the most of by Fredrik Quinones, with his baggage of street dance, voguing and martial arts. The audience is steered from one exhibition hall to another and on to the concluding duet in the large hall."
Expressen, Sweden

"Fold ends with both dancers together and when this happens there is a powerful tension between them. Their gazes are fixed on each other and their movements are precise. The evocative music rumbles, squeaks and moves in waves. Bird song, animal noises and suddenly together both dancers are on the hunt.", Sweden


Photo: José Figueroa