MUSIC Sussan Deyhim
LIGHTING DESIGN Erik Wiedersheim-Paul
COSTUME Helene Thorsell
Length: 33 min.

Première 2000 at the House of Dance, Stockholm (Sweden)

Important planetary bodies have mandalas that represent their essences: an orange disc for sun, a silver one for moon, a black one for Rahu (the eclipse planet), and a golden disc for Kalagni (”time-fire” – the supernova node).

”Two interesting instruments have merged – their individual integrity intact. Seeing Kalagni, the aftermath of a cosmic earthquake seems to travel through your body. The solo is the original source of both voice and dance – a timeless concentration of energy that should be allowed more than just two evenings.”
     Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm 8/12 2000

“Shaman, oracle, demiurg, goddess – no one refers back to the very origin of dance the way Virpi Pahkinen does.”
“In her new solo Kalagni – Kalagni is the all-consuming fire of Kali, the goddess of death – she is accompanied by another unique artist. The Iranian-American singer Sussan Deyhim hums, pants, sounds and sings with a rare voice full of nuance adding another dimension to Virpi Pahkinen’s mysterious half-hour solo.”
     Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, 9/12 2000

Photo Tobias Regell