SUITE 303 - Four solos

Prayer to the Ascending
Prayer of the Scorpio
Prayer for the One Whose Trembling Hands Are Still

MUSIC Akemi Ishijima, J.S. Bach, Niklas Brommare, Roger Ludvigsen
LIGHTING DESIGN Erik Wiedersheim-Paul
COSTUME Helene Thorsell
Length: 60 min.

Première 3/10 2001, the House of Dance, Stockholm Sweden

”It is a fascinating paradox that the artists who create their own universes are also often the most sensitiv seismographs of their time.”

”The new works are also characterised by new lightness, a kind of gentle humour. It is liberating, confirming her earnestness making it easier to grasp. ”
     Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter, 6/10 2001

”Prayer for the One Whose Trembling Hands Are Still offers a surprisingly fiery finish. Movements are stimulated in a new interesting constellation with the Norwegian composer Roger Ludvigsen, who have previosly collaborated with Sami musicians and the singer Mari Boine.” 
”Pahkinen tries a new approach, both defiant and archaically ritual. Sensual and bold, this magician of the body searches for her own time within the space of the dance.”
     Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet, 5/10 2001

Photo: Håkan Berthas, Jo Grabovski